Fast Testing: Transform Java Development into an Agile, Quick-Release, and Low-Risk Process

Fast tests are short tests that exercise specific building blocks of code on different inputs to be sure they return the right results. Unfortunately many development teams perform little or no fast testing because of the time required to develop and maintain the tests.

A new generation of JUnit generators help Java teams produce fast tests that achieve 80 percent or better coverage at the push of a button—making it possible to transform software development into an agile, quick-release, low-risk process.

This white paper offers a comprehensive look at fast testing, including:

  • A comparison of slow and fast testing approaches
  • How to implement fast testing for legacy and new code
  • What it takes to create a fast testing team
  • Access to the tools you need to get started

Bonus: When you download this white paper also receive access to a free trial of AgitarOne JUnit Generator!

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