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Webinar: Maximize Your Digital Media Business With Automation
2015 may well go down in history as the year when broadcasters truly became digital media producers and distributors with the worldwide digital media marketplace showing strong double-digit growth. That transition raises critical issues regarding both the cost of producing suitable digital content and the means to maximize the revenue generated by that content.

In this webinar, Grass Valley's news marketing leader, Ed Casaccia, will show how the most modern versions of newsroom and control room production technologies can combine to address both those issues. Automating the process of preparing linear content for digital distribution can dramatically lower production costs, while application of intelligent content and stream management with partners like Anvato open the door to significant new revenue sources and new methods for selling advertising. 
60 minute webinar recording will address: 
  • Identifying the touch points between traditional linear and digital production
  • Leveraging existing work to send content to new destinations
  • Efficient rules based workflows
  • Automatic segmentation of live programming for video on demand delivery
  • Automatic insertion of downstream technical instructions of digital ad insertion, programmatic ad sales, and other revenue maximizing technologies
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