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Understanding the true benefits of an IP workflow and how you get there 
Webinar: Making an informed decision about IP

If you've been following broadcast industry news recently, you've surely been seeing your fair share of claims about IP. You can't miss it – it's everywhere. But, do you know all the reasons you should be considering IP? Is an IP workflow for you and, if it is, when do you make the move? 

Join us as Grass Valley's Mark Hilton walks you through the real questions you should be asking about IP and the potential benefits that await you. Learn about strategies that allow you to integrate IP signals into existing SDI workflows and the steps you must take to start reaping benefits right away. We'll even show you how IT routing equipment you've probably had in your facility for years can be leveraged by using software defined networking. 

60 minute webinar recording will address: 
Benefits of IP workflows
Avoiding pitfalls
Choosing the pace of your migration
Standards roadmap

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